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Recycle and recover the timber.

A second chance for a natural resource essential

Why should we restore the wood?

Because today end up in landfills thousands of tons of timber which would prevent recovery of millions of tree felling.

Because it is necessary to recover the waste for more efficient use of natural resources and respect the environment.

Because sustainability is rational use of natural resources by ensuring the availability for future generations.

Because the fight against climate change and meeting the Kyoto commitments and require sustainable action in all areas.

Because the recovery of wood is considerably diminished the percentage of virgin wood used for the manufacture of pallets, packaging boards.

Wood is a natural store of carbon dioxide (CO2). To make a ton of wood processed and trees down 1.85 tonnes of CO2.

Wood is a bulky waste recovery as significantly minimizing the occupation of landfills.

You get a renewable source of energy (biomass) distributed throughout the country.

Increase the environmental awareness of society and their satisfaction because their waste is properly managed.

It generated many jobs and a very positive economic development.

And because the site should never be the destination for the timber.

What are the remains of wood?

Cuts: These are pieces of varied form and dimensions ranging from several inches to over a meter. Are generated mainly in wood and furniture.

Sawdust and shavings: wood sawdust powder is generated in the transformation processes and cuts. The chip has a slightly larger size.

Pallets: The wooden pallet is horizontal platform which is used as the basis for the transport of merchandise and is generated as waste in many industries.

Wood Packaging: They may be small boxes of fruit, vegetables, etc.., Or large as those used to transport machinery.

Furniture, doors and demolition wood: They are generally heavy and bulky waste. The citizen generated by getting rid of your furniture.

Construction and demolition debris: the wood used for construction formwork, beams, brackets, doors and windows, etc.., Which are usually discarded after use.

Remains of Pruning: With maintenance and care of trees, both in mountains and in town centers, parks, gardens, etc.., Wood waste generated in the form of trunks, branches and leaves.

Reels: Cable and hose pipes are wrapped in large wooden spools that become waste once employed.

Treated Wood: Sleepers, light poles, telephone poles, which treatment they have received are more difficult to recycle.

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