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JC Pallet Company Specializing in Recovery

 Pallet Management:

Properly manage the pallets through a treatment plant; compliance burden sharing and other minor impacts.


 Clients to inform and sensitize consumers, employers and workers on the environmental impact by encouraging the recycling of pallets.

 Sustainable management:

 A pallet recycling plant that is vital to cut less wood per year, in order to maintain or increase forest production.

 Ecological life cycle:

The life cycle of the pallets have:

· Lower consumption: less energy is consumed less and less raw material tiptoe at the stage of manufacture, repair and recycling.

· Easy recycling: it produces waste that is incorporated into the manufacture of other products such as chips, briquettes or pellets.

· Easy recovery: Its residue can be recovered as fuel, replacing fossil to other produces less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which causes the greenhouse effect and climate change, whose effects are already evident.


 Companies increasingly specialized in the repair and reuse of pallets and also have a notable increase in the volume of waste for energy recovery in industrial-type facilities.

 55% of the pallets that are used in Spain are recycled.





Joaquin Fernandez Canovas
General Manager JC Pallets

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